Fresh install macOS Sierra on MacBook Pro with retina

  1. Download macOS Sierra from Mac App Store
  2. Create a bootable USB drive
  3. Boot with USB
  4. Using Disk Utility to erase and unmount current HDD
  5. Install with macOS Sierra
  6. Transfer important files from Time Machine
    I don’t like transfer entire system after fresh install now. Continue reading “Fresh install macOS Sierra on MacBook Pro with retina”

Synology DS216+II Cloud Station


  1. 千萬不要一開始便把數量龐大的檔案通通放進 Cloud Station 資料夾中!
    > 在 DSM 6.0 中的 Cloud Station Server 會將該資料夾中所有檔案通通輸入至資料庫中,而此動作會造成主機需要龐大的計算資源以建立索引。
  2. Client 端的 Cloud Station Drive 與 Cloud Station Backup 會存放資料至 NAS 中的 Cloud Station 資料夾。同第 1 點,避免存放大量數目的檔案!


不要將大量檔案放在 Cloud Station 資料夾中,依據 Synology 官方白皮書的內容,建議處理數量為 300,000。


若是不同使用者建置的 Cloud Station 資料夾,是否放置於同一資料庫中?若否,是否可以利用此方法達成分散資料庫的目的?

答案:無法!同一台電腦中,只能由 Cloud Station Drive 或 Backup 透過一個使用者帳號與 Server 連線。

DS216+II 心得

2017-02-06 自 PCHome 上購買 Synology DS216+II 搭配兩顆 HGST 3T 硬碟,動態紀錄使用心得。 (隨時補充)


  1. 安裝方便
  2. 不佔空間
  3. 價錢合宜


  1. 速度不快
  2. 無論在遠端或區域網路內的電腦,以 cloud station drive 要連至 NAS 時,速度較一般 FTP、SFTP 或 Samba 等連線模式
  3. 以 HyperBackup 備份龐大資料 (> 100 G) 時,會拖累整體效能,包含 cloud station drive


  1. 熱資料無疑存放在日常使用電腦
  2. 熱資料同步備份至 NAS
  3. 熱資料每日備份至 Amazon Cloud Drive
  4. 冷資料存放一份在 NAS
  5. 冷資料無需每日備份至 Amazon Cloud Drive,目前設定每週備份,否則檔案太大,會拖累 NAS




  1. 在安裝 WebDAV 之前,使用 Photo Station 的功能是一切正常,但安裝 WebDAV 套件後
    a. 原先 Set up router 內自動偵測 Upnp 的功能出現異常,無法辦識 Asus N18U
    b. 因為 a. 的緣故,所以 port 自動導向失靈,無法連上 Photo station
    c. 移除 WebDAV 套件後,可以辦識到 N18U,但 Photo station 仍舊無法存取!

MobaXterm, an alternative for PuTTY

After replacing my old macmini with a new custom assembly PC, I must used to some different software for work. One of the most frequently used is SSH client tool.

Putty is a well known SSH client tool for windows system and iTerm is a great tool for Macintosh system. However, there is very huge difference between iTerm and Putty. I believe one of the most important issues is that Macintosh is an Unix-like system, iTerm can therefore directly operated some of the command line tools. And Putty is used to “connect with other SSH server”.

The most annoying part of Putty for me is that I have no idea how to change the keyboard shortcuts as similar as iTerm. All I want is very simple, “copy”, “paste”, “jump to next or previous word”, something like this.

Today, I found a very great tools for SSH client, MobaXterm. In the beginning, I thought it is an alternative tool for Putty. No, it is not. MobaXterm is more like Cygwin, which creates a Linux-like environment for Windows. And personally I thought MobaXterm is more friendly than Cygwin.

Now I might able to reduce the frequency of using OSX virtual machine on windows.


2010 Mac Mini Server, Time machine restore

My mac mini server had already used for 4 years. The upper HDD seems has some bad track or something error. There are many red warning messages in the Disk Utility. So, I just brought a new WD 750G HDD with 7200 rpm to replace it myself.

I had to say, it is not very easy for a beginner like me. It took me around 2 hour to replace it. However, the period is funny.

The most nightmare is restore everything from Time machine to new HDD. The restore time took near 4 hours for around 400 GB data. Continue reading “2010 Mac Mini Server, Time machine restore”



上個月在 Apple Online Store 訂購一台 MacBook Air,收到之後發覺它背後出風口處那塊黑色塑膠似乎有些問題,按到它時會有陷下去的狀況。由於不清楚這樣的問題是否屬於正常狀況,於是打電話到 Apple 的技術部門詢問。該名工程師亦沒有提供明確的說明,只說若是需要的話,可以透過訂貨客服申請退換貨處理,還給了我一組編號。因為這樣的問題不影響到平常的使用,所以我便決定不處理它,繼續使用。

7 月中旬,Apple Online Store 推出 back to school 活動,在原先的教育折扣後再降價 3,000 元,相當吸引人!但在PTT上有人分享了他打去 Apple Online Store 詢問後的心得,因為該活動是 7/16 後開始,因此要 7/2 收到電腦的人才符合退差額 3,000 元的資格。看到該篇文章後,心想,我是 6/28 收到的,所以就算了。 Continue reading “態度”

Broken scp or sftp on Maveircks

For some unknown reason, my new MacBook Air does not able to download files from my Mac Mini Server at home by either “scp” or “sftp”. It just kept show me “Write failed: Broken pipe” and also “Lost connect”.

Finally, I found this help to fix the problem.

Broken SSH client on Mavericks, on Apple Support Communities

I added the following content into “/etc/sshd_config”

TCPKeepAlive yes
ServerAliveInterval 5

Then, everything is fine. Thank you marcelkraan.

Installing FastX on Mac

  1. Downloading and installing libgtextutils-0.6
    curl -O
    tar xvjf libgtextutils-0.6.tar.bz2
    cd libgtextutils-0.6
    sudo make install
  2. Downloading and installing FastX
    curl -O
    tar xjvf fastx_toolkit-0.0.13.tar.bz2
    cd fastx_toolkit-0.0.13
    export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH
    sudo make install